I’m trying to think of interesting things to write about. This is difficult for two reasons: The first is that I don’t have a very interesting life (not to say I don’t enjoy it…I do, but it’s just not…interesting). The second is that I have no idea who my target audience is, and what they would like to read. If you’re reading this, you’re either my father (hi Dad!) or you’re a bored surfer (of the internet variety) making up domain names and seeing if they’re “real” – kinda of like how I registered this domain in the first place. Anyway, it’s sleepy time now, so I’m going to stop this post mid-thought. Maybe I’ll get back to this sooner rather than later…

5 Responses to “um^2”

  1. Huss Says:

    Maybe you should make the website all about me? I found this site cvause I looked up then clicked on the numbers and was lookin’ down a list of all the dead people. The a saw a dead guy without a picture or DOB so I thought he might have a site like “” but you have it… maybe that’s why he doesnt have it, he cant get it cause you have it… ?

    ~ Huss

  2. darren Says:

    I hope you don’t actually want to kill Americans…at least not the “good” ones. Also, why should this site be about you? You exist – I just listened to a few of your tracks – quite decent stuff, although I’m not into punk/oi as much as I used to be. Also, you should go about making a wikipedia entry for yourselves. That’s even cooler than myspace nowadays!

  3. the crutch Says:

    just what ever you do, don’t be a procrastinating(?) lazy bastard like me.

  4. the crutch Says:

    whatever you do don’t be a procrastinating(?) lazy bastard like me! good luck.

  5. chris Says:

    You should write about school. . .
    Its like the most interesting thing one can possibly write about.

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